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for example: https://www.instagram.com/p/BsOGulcndj-/

Upload IGTV over the Internet: instructions

Instagram's features do not include direct IGTV uploading from a user's page. However, our online service provides an opportunity to save your favorite videos to your mobile.

In order to get IGTV videos, you need to paste the URL or short code of the video into the top box on the site. In addition, entering a username or profile link is also available. You will see the entire profile content in a user-friendly interface reminiscent of Instagram. To save the video, just click on the download button next to the selected IGTV.

Our service allows you to upload videos from any device, be it a smartphone, personal computer, laptop or MacBook.

The download is available through any browser, but for IPhone users there is a limitation: IGTV cannot be downloaded through Google Chrome.

Problems with downloading videos

If you are having trouble downloading IGTV, try refreshing the page and trying again. In case of repeated failures, there are probably errors in entering the link or username, or the original profile is private.

To resolve this issue, make sure that the profile from which you are downloading is open. Try again by carefully copying the required data into the specified field on the site.

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