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The online photo download service represents an important tool in the digital age. Instagram, a platform that was created with a focus on photo posting, remains a place where images continue to play a key role despite the addition of video features.

Over the past years of Instagram's existence, millions of images have been uploaded to this social network. Users share their snapshots daily, which include funny memes, inspiring landscapes, and unique, striking shots. It's not uncommon to want to save some of these images to your device.

Situations when users want to save a photo from their profile are quite common. This may be due to a change in settings that no longer automatically saves images in the phone's gallery, or a need to recover photos that were accidentally deleted from a folder on the device.

Unfortunately, it's not possible to upload already published images, whether they're your own or someone else's, directly through the Instagram app or website.

While it is possible to take screenshots of your screen and edit them to mimic your Instagram profile pictures, this method can be time consuming and doesn't always provide the desired quality. Various apps and browser extensions are available as alternatives. However, the most convenient and safe way to extract and save a photo from this popular social network is to use a specialized online service.

Download photos from Instagram online

We have developed a unique tool that allows you to download photos from Instagram without restrictions on the type of content. This means that you can easily save posts, Stories and avatars to your device, both from your own account and from other users' accounts.

However, it's important to note that you can only download from public profiles. If you want to pull images from your own account, make sure that it is open for public viewing. You can temporarily change your privacy settings to download the photos you want, and then reset them back to their original position.

Images are available for download in JPG format, which is ideal for preserving high-quality images with a rich color palette. Your photos will retain the full range of colors and brightness, while keeping the file size relatively small.

Our service guarantees that your photos will be uploaded in their original size. The image width is fixed at 1080 pixels. If the photo is square, the height will be 1080 pixels. For rectangular images, the height is adjusted to maintain the proportions.

You will get clean, original images without any watermarks, text captions or other graphic elements. The photos will look exactly the same as they do on your Instagram.

Plus, our service doesn't set any limits on the number of uploads. You are free to save as many photos as you want from any available profiles.

How to download photos from Instagram

To download photos online, just enter the required data in the designated field on the homepage.

Available data entry options include:

  • Username (username).
  • Profile URL.
  • A direct link to a specific image.
  • Image Shortcode.

Entering a username or profile URL allows access to all profile content. Entering an image link or shortcode leads directly to the selected photo.

Using the service is intuitive thanks to a design reminiscent of the Instagram interface. You can easily learn how to view and upload content as if you were using the social network itself.

The service allows you to upload photos from both mobile devices and computers, supporting all major operating systems including Android, iOS, Windows and Linux.

On mobile devices, to upload an image, you simply hold the photo until a contextual menu appears where you select the upload option. On a computer, the upload button will be available immediately - just click on it.

User anonymity is preserved: profile owners do not receive notifications about their photos being uploaded. Also, this process does not affect the number of likes, comments or views, in the case of Stories.

How to download photos from Instagram to your phone

The service provides the ability to view profiles anonymously, freeing you from having to log in to your Instagram account. This becomes especially valuable when viewing Stories, as Stories authors see a list of those who have viewed their content on Instagram. By using our online service to view Stories, you'll remain invisible.

The service also makes it easy to copy text. In the official Instagram app, you can't copy text from post descriptions or profile bios. But with our online service, you can easily copy the necessary text when viewing a profile.

In addition to photos of posts, Stories and avatars, our service allows you to upload video content from profiles. Whether you like a video in your feed, Stories, Reels or IGTV, you can save it as easily as a photo. Just enter the link to the post or username, find the video you want on the user's page, and click the download button to save the video to your computer or mobile device.

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